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Kingsland Design Philosophy

Established in 1910, Kingsland Architects Inc is a diverse, architectural design firm that responds to client needs with innovative and creative solutions.

As responsible designers, every project that we undertake has the personal attention of at least one Partner.  Kingsland Architects Inc recognizes the uniqueness of each project, and as a result, we work very closely with the end users to provide the best competitive pricing while reducing change orders and construction times.

Design excellence is the key driving force behind the firm exemplified by the number of design awards the team has received over the years for buildings, interiors and furniture.

The firm works from a design strategy that recognizes the uniqueness of each project.

We design and develop solutions to problems with spirit and commitment and always endeavour to make the entire process the most enjoyable experience for all involved and for all who work and benefit by it.

We work from a design philosophy that recognizes the importance of each area or level of concentration, from the smallest of rooms to the building or interior as a whole and how it will influence and be influenced by the environment within which it grows.

We will listen to your comments and concerns and will respond with innovative solutions so that each project will be a proud addition to your organization.

Kingsland  Architects Inc. | 219 Dufferin St., Suite 308b, Toronto, Ontario, M6K 3J1 | 416.203.7799