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Corporate History

Kingsland  Architects Inc. is the present version of a practice that originated in 1910. Since that time the name of the firm has changed as partners departed or have retired. The present partners of the firm have a 30 + year history of working together as a team and continue the leadership of the firm to this date.

Kingsland  is the culmination of knowledge and experience gathered over the past one hundred years. We offer a complete and comprehensive package of services to suit all of your architectural and interior design needs. The firm has had the pleasure of working with a variety of different clients with varying and sometimes unusual needs.

Our firm is a multi-disciplined, progressive organization with knowledgeable and enthusiastic professionals who have an insuperable desire to take on challenge and succeed. We have all been trained to be multi-disciplinary in design, working drawings, as well as construction and hence all are able to respond immediately to your needs.

We have one central Toronto office, one south-western and one northern satellite office. They service our repeat clientele across southern Ontario and six of the ten provinces

1910 - 1956 Craig and Madill Architects
1956 – 1962 Craig, Madill, Abram and Ingleson Architects
1962 – 1970 Abram and Ingleson Architects
1970 – 1974 Abram, Nowski and McLaughlin Architects & Planners
1974 – 1986 Abram/Nowski, Architects and Planners
1986 – 1999 Nowski Partners Architects
2000 – 2001 Nowski & Kingsland Partners Architects Inc.
2001 – Present Kingsland  Architects Inc.

Kingsland  Architects Inc. | 219 Dufferin St., Suite 308b, Toronto, Ontario, M6K 3J1 | 416.203.7799